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Another one...

[About you -points- you]
Name: Autumn..yes like the band From Autumn to Ashes
Age: 14- youngin'..but mature : ]
Location: San Diego...It's where Blink 182 is from
shoe size: 5

5 top favorite bands: Mest, NFG, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Senses Fail
5 top favorite emo/pop-punk: Death Cab For Cutie, Brand New, Bright Eyes, Senses Fail, Mest
5 top favorite members oF any band: Tony From Mest, Adam from TBS, Mark from Swindle, Nick from Underminded, and the hot bass player from Story Of The Year i think named Adam or Ryan
Songs(emo/pop-punk): Cute without the E (Cut From the Team)
Drummer: Steve-O from Sum 41
Singer: Adam from TBS
Guitarist: Tony from Mest
Bassist: Ryan/Adam from Story Of The Year
Slash pairings that make you randy: huh??

[your thoughts on]
Twincest(Benji/Joel): Hm they're really good at seducing little girls.
Cousincest(Tony L/Matt L): they're cousins!?! WHOA!! They're hot.
Tony Lovato: who? I'm guessing it's tony from Mest...he's an awesome artist.
Avril..mehh?: I dont like her but i'm not gonna go around making anti-avril sites..
ALL THE GC HATERS BOO: Heh. Well it's their opion.

Do you live a boring 9 to 5 life?: NOOO I'm actually in a band
Does your mind corner you against the wall?: I dont think soo
eople talk and they don't even know you but thats alright cause you get down with GC?: Yeah uh sure
What date is 22 days before halloween?: ...cause she walked by....

I'm the one in the middle

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