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[About you -points- you]
Name: Charly
Age: 14
Location: Melbourne Beach, Florida
shoe size: womens 10

5 top favorite bands: Good Charlotte, NoFX, Senses Fail, New Found Glory, and Sugarcult
5 top favorite emo/pop-punk: Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, , Blink 182, and Fall Out Boy
5 top favorite members oF any band: Joel Madden, Mark Hoppus, Quinn Allman, Dan Trapp, and, Tyson Ritter
Songs(emo/pop-punk): Any GC song, Failure's Not Flattering- NFG, 187- Senses Fail, and Mixtape- Brand New
Drummer: Cyrus Bolooki
Singer: Joel Madden
Guitarist:Chad Gilbert
Bassist: Paul Thomas
Slash pairings that make you randy: Joel Madden / Jordan Pundik

[your thoughts on]
Twincest(Benji/Joel): Talented, sexy, and loving brothers. They both always been there for each other through thick and thin and always will be. Great at writing music, and well there is oh so much more I could say about the Madden twins.
Cousincest(Tony L/Matt L): Wouldn't be surprise if they were found sleepign together..... hey it's Mest we're talking about. They would have really messed up kids that love pot. Maybe they shouldn't sleep together.
Tony Lovato: Sick. Sick mind, just sick. Probably the first person you should go to if you're in need of a nasty dare, or just wanting to get wasted. Way too many drugs and too much drinking.
Avril..mehh?: Hahahaha.... :rols around on the floor laughing:
ALL THE GC HATERS BOO: I have no clue why peopel say they hate GC because they're "punk".... they are straight POP- punk. And that's finally. I love GC and I'm proud, have a problem with it? Good.

Do you live a boring 9 to 5 life?: yep
Does your mind corner you against the wall?: Yes, I guess this is another night alone.
Do people talk and they don't even know you but thats alright cause you get down with GC?: Exactly... you just take the words right out of my mouth.
Whose your alien?: Joel because I dig the whole GC lead singer this.... if you know what I mean.
What date is 22 days before halloween?:When she caught Joel's eyeson October 9th, and he knew she'd be his evil queen.

I'm in the red dress at my 8th grade graduation.

Me on 8th grade trip.
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