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[About you -points- you]
Name: Sarah
Age: 21
Location: Charleston, West Virginia, USA
shoe size: 9-10 depending...even though my chucks are a 7

5 top favorite bands: Brand New, Guns 'n Roses, Sublime, Green Day, Offspring
5 top favorite emo/pop-punk: NFG, GC, Simple Plan, Mest, Brand New
5 top favorite members oF any band: Tyson Ritter, Billy Joe Armstrong, Travis Barker, David Desrosier, Paul Thomas(no order)
Songs(emo/pop-punk): Sugarcult- Stuck in America, Brand New - Mix Tape, NFG - Dressed to Kill, Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag, GC - East Coast Anthem, Mest - Drawing Board
Drummer: Travis Barker
Singer: Jeremiah Rangel
Guitarist: Seb Lefebvre
Bassist: I have a bass player fetish...Adam Russell and Matt Lovato are two of my favs.
Slash pairings that make you randy: Matt/Joel, Tony/Benji, Joel/ Benji, Matt/Tony, Tony/Jere, and Jere/Matt, just something about those 5 guys...

[your thoughts on]
Twincest(Benji/Joel): so forbidden its a turn-on
Cousincest(Tony L/Matt L): not as bad as twincest but two guys as hot as them wow...gets me blushing
Tony Lovato: never met him, I've heard mixed opinions on him, but I'm not passing judgement on someone I don't know.  He's hot as fuck though!
Avril..mehh?: haha...I can't stand her...maybe if she toned down the "I don't give a fuck" attitude.  I still don't know.  Most kids have the 'fuck off' 'tude but she takes it to a whole new level.  She's so fuck annoying.
ALL THE GC HATERS BOO:  They have too much free time.  Who cares if you don't like them, I do so fuck off.  They aren't gonna change my mind.  I like what I like. 

Do you live a boring 9 to 5 life?:  not at the
Does your mind corner you against the wall?: yes
Do people talk and they don't even know you but thats alright cause you get down with GC?: yep
Whose your alien?: no one at the moment...i could think of some i'd like...:)
What date is 22 days before halloween?: She caught my eye on Oct. did i know she'd be my evil queen

[Pictures (if you don't have one it's alright:()]
Post as many as you want homies.

That's all I have at the moment...


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