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[About you -points- you] *looks paranoid* ME! Wha?
Name: Fran.
Age: 18.
Location: In front of the computer.
shoe size: 8 1/2 (said with cheesy british accent because I think it's funnier that way)

5 top favorite bands: Good Charlotte, Mest, The Distillers, AFI, and Social Distortion.
5 top favorite emo/pop-punk: Good Charlotte, Mest, New Found Glory, Rufio, and Allister.
5 top favorite members of any band: Benji Madden, Joely-Moley Madden, Tony Lovato, Matt Lovato, Steve Klein.
Songs(emo/pop-punk): "Don't Wanna Stop" - GC, "Hit or Miss" - NFG, "Chance of a Lifetime" - Mest, "Dammit" - Blink 182, "Racecars" - Allister.
Drummer: Travis Barker kicks some mighty ass.
Singer: Benji, I love his raspy voice. Very shmexy indeed.
Guitarist: Benji as well, I'm a sucker for multi-talented guys. :)
Bassist: Matt Lovato.
Slash pairings that make you randy: *perverted grin* Well . . . I could go on for days. Nah, I mostly prefer twincest/cousincest. Anything with Maddens and Lovatos in the mix makes me happy. Very happy.

[your thoughts on]
Twincest(Benji/Joel): Yes please.
Cousincest(Tony L/Matt L): Seriously, just look at my smutty writing journal.
Tony Lovato: Gorgeous bastard with an incredible voice.
Avril..mehh?: I'm sorry, I don't like country music.
ALL THE GC HATERS BOO: Fuck them. It's just a fucking band, no reason to start a fucking war. I'd like to see them up on stage 90% of the year playing/writing music and meeting their fans every day.

Do you live a boring 9 to 5 life?: I'm an unemployed bum, thankyouverymuch.
Does your mind corner you against the wall?: Suuure. Op, there is goes again!
Do people talk and they don't even know you but thats alright cause you get down with GC?: Fuck them.
Whose your alien?: Mr. Bouvier.
What date is 22 days before halloween?: How did I know she'd be my evil queen! (ya know when I first heard it, I thought they were saying emo? haha.)

[Pictures (if you don't have one it's alright:()]
Post as many as you want homies. Dudes, no pics, but I'm ugly anyways. So it's all good. :D <-- That'll have to do for now.

[EDIT]: Ah, much better now. Sorry, that just really bothered me, and no doubt at least one of you guys out there. :)
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